Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)

Live Independently

For many senior citizens, there comes a time when emergency assistance is needed in their home. Personal Emergency Response Service (PERS) provide the means to call for help from almost anywhere in the home at the press of a button. With instant access to request medical attention, local police or the fire department, PERS devices provide senior citizens the confidence for independent living.

The Need for PERS

Each year, 16 million senior citizens fall with 10% requiring hospital visits. Sadly, 12,000 of these incidents prove fatal. But with quick attention after a fall, the probability of hospitalization is reduced by 26% and the likeliness of death decreases by more than 80%.

With a PERS device, should there ever be a need for help, a trained operator will respond immediately over a two-way voice communicator. Plus, a listed friend or family member will be informed of the situation.

A PERS device not only lengthens the time a person is able to live on their own, but it is an economical solution to a problem millions of Americans face: how to stretch retirement savings during a time when the average annual U.S. cost of assisted living is $35,616 and nursing home care is more than $75,000.

How PERS Devices Work

A Personal Emergency Response Service connects to Five Star’s around-the-clock call center with the push of a button. Installation is simple and no tools are required. All that’s needed is a working electrical outlet and a live telephone line – set-up is that easy! If not telephone line is available, cellular is an option for communication.

The emergency transmitter is typically worn on a lightweight necklace, as a wristband or on a belt clip. When pushed, the transmitter sends a signal to a receiver that’s connected to the home telephone line or cellular.

After the button is pushed, a two-way voice communicator built into the receiver will be activated. Advanced technology allows this receiver to be heard and to pick up voices from almost anywhere in the house.

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